I love music!  I play piano, recorder, banjo, and mandolin. Over the years I’ve also written many compositions–songs, dance tunes, keyboard pieces, etc. I also offer beginning music lessons on piano and recorder.

Let’s start with a wonderful tune that was written for me, not by me.  Fischer Tanz is a klezmer tune composed by my friend Amy Zakar for my 60th birthday.  Here it is as performed by the Klez Dispensers:

Here are a few examples of my compositions. First up a waltz, and then a keyboard fugue.



And here are two settings I composed for songs from Shakespeare’s plays.



A little two-part round just for fun:

Here’s a waltz song I wrote in gratitude for the Brattleboro Dawn Dance, which I enjoyed for many years.


And here’s a miniature two-part invention.


And here is a traditional tune, one of my favorites, the Tombigbee Waltz.  As played (at a dance)  by the Jam Bandits, a band that I formed with some close friends and family: