Higher Math in the Lower Grades

I taught math for several decades. Over the years I came to rely more and more on discovery lessons, especially with my third and fourth grade classes. These lessons offer a way to get students thinking about topics and concepts that also intrigue mathematicians. More importantly, it’s a way to get young students working like mathematicians—searching for patterns and discoveries, keeping a record of their work, sharing ideas with peers, forming and testing conjectures, and drawing inspiration from the long history of mathematics. It’s a fun way to learn math, and I found that my students responded with interest and often excitement. In the 22 chapters of this book, I discuss a variety of lessons of this type, usually including suggestions on how to extend the lessons with students up to eighth grade.

Below is a preview of the book. Click on the cover image to see the table of contents, preface, and one of my favorite chapters. If you would like a copy, you can buy it here.